State budget and policy reflects values

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It is important that the consequence of state budget decisions align with the values of South Dakota citizens

Political Science Professor Rober Burns, Vice Chair of the South Dakota Budget & Policy Project Advisory Council, wants to help South Dakotans understand and be involved with the state budgeting process.

In a February 17, 2011 interview with KELO TV Burns explained, where a state gets its money and where it spends it, is a reflection of its values.   Citizens need “… to search within themselves and see if the way in which it [the state of South Dakota] generates revenue, how it taxes, who it taxes, what level it taxes and how much tax revenue is generated and then see if it meets with their personal value system. And what might you try to do about that.”

Click here to read the full KELO TV transcript.  Click here to see the KELO TV video.

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