Impact analysis – SD Increased Minimum Wage Initiated Measure 18

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Impact analysis highlights (see full report)

  • One of six (17.3%) employed South Dakotans estimated to see wage increases[i]
  • The majority of “affected SD workers” are adults who have completed high school or college   
  • One of seven (13.8%) SD children have at least one affected parent
  • Two-thirds of affected workers live in households with incomes below SD’s median household income
  • One in five affected SD workers are part time (less than 20 hours per week)
  • Specific industries and occupations dominate affected worker employment
  • According to Congressional Budget Office estimates[ii], SD could lose 357 job secondary to minimum wage increase

    [i]CBO Feb 2014 The effects of a minimum wage increase on employment and family income.

    [ii] Economic Policy Institute Analysis of 2012 Current Population Survey, Outgoing Rotation Group

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