How many people in YOUR South Dakota county need Medicaid Expansion?

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New US Census data helps South Dakota counties understand just how many of their low-income residents have no health insurance.quote

A few years ago we[i] published the detailed census estimates of how many low-income uninsured residents in each SD county would be eligible if the state expanded Medicaid.

Now, with Governor Daugaard’s success developing a strategy that makes sense for South Dakota at no increased cost to the state, we felt we ought to update that data to reflect the latest census figures.

  • SD’s statewide data shows number of uninsured and their options to get coverage if SD expand Medicaid to 138% of the federal poverty level.2016 FPL graphic
  • SD county data (table 1) and links to letters sent to county officials provide detail and graphic illustrations of each county’s uninsured.

SD Health Insurance options for the uninsuredRecently released census details[ii] estimates 14% (65,504) of non-elderly[iii] adults in South Dakota are uninsured.

  Expanding Medicaid would cover 27,732 currently uninsured adults in South Dakota with incomes up to 138% of the FPL.  Included in this number are the 13,000 individuals who currently fall into the coverage gap their income is too low to be eligible for tax subsidies on the exchange and too high for current Medicaid coverage.

⇒  Exchange subsidies.  The 34,093 uninsured South Dakota residents with incomes between 138% and 400% are eligible for exchange tax subsidies if they choose to buy insurance on the Exchange.

  Guaranteed insurability.  The 7,670 uninsured adults in higher income households (over 400% of the FPL) are not eligible for subsidies but are guaranteed access to coverage without expensive medical underwriting if they have existing medical conditions.

Table 1 shows similar data for each South Dakota County.

There are links to graphics for each county below the table.

Table 1 Coverage options for uninsured in South Dakota Counties

Table 1 Coverage options for uninsured in South Dakota Counties

Aurora Beadle Bennett Bon Homme Brookings Brown Brule Buffalo Butte Campbell Charles Mix Clark Clay Codington Corson Custer Davison Day Deuel Dewey Douglas Edmunds Fall River Faulk Grant Gregory Haakon Hamlin Hand Hanson Harding Hughes Hutchinson Hyde Jackson Jerauld Jones Kingsbury Lake Lawrence Lincoln Lyman Marshall McCook McPherson Meade Mellette Miner Minnehaha Moody Pennington Perkins Potter Roberts Sanborn Shannon Spink Stanley Sully Todd Tripp Turner Union Walworth Yankton Ziebach

[i] South Dakota Budget & Policy Institute. County Specific graphs – uninsured eligible for health insurance under Medicaid expansion and federal exchange subsidies.   5-12-13

[ii] US Census Bureau, Small Area Health Insurance Estimates for 2014. Released May 2016.

[iii] We look at non-elderly adults—age 19-64—because they are the low income population covered by Medicaid Expansion. SD Elders (65+) are already covered by Medicare and low-income children (0-18) are covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

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