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One win and one loss on new funding proposals for SD counties

Counties still have a funding bill alive in SD legislature

thumbs up

Passed:   SB 2   Purpose: revise the distribution of the revenue from the alcoholic beverage fund


thumbs down  Killed:    HB1006 Purpose: authorize counties to impose sales and use taxes



Although South Dakota’s House State Affairs committee killed  HB1006 – a Read more

County Government – SD Legislature’s summer study report

New bills being considered by legislature flow from County Summer Study report

SD Legislators studied County Government over the 2015 interim.  Their report is listed below.

  County Government Study Interim Committee   Page 9

Study Assignment

A review of the functions of county government, laws and regulations regarding counties, county revenue … Read more

NEW Legislative Session opens January 12th

Are you ready?

If not – check out SD Budget & Policy Institute’s 2016 Budget Toolkit for a quick orientation and backgrounder on the South Dakota Legislature’s budget process.

follow us during the session @SDBudgetPolicy

or call us (605-929-1244) if you have a question






Read more

Census data reveals a persistent poverty problem in South Dakota despite economic recovery

Do you know the kids in your community who are living in poverty?Child Poverty in SD remains among highest in the region

According to the latest census data[i], 36,240 South Dakota children are living below the poverty level – that is 17.7% of all South Dakota children.

Unfortunately, things have not been getting much better. Child poverty rates in … Read more

What are the facts are behind low teacher salaries in South Dakota?

Check out SDBPI latest Power Point (with speaker notes to help you understand the charts):

Why SD K-12 Funding Formula Isn’t Working 9-2-15

SD Budget & Policy Institute is available to help South Dakotans understand our research findings.  We can talk by phone or arrange a visit or Webinar to … Read more

SD BPI testifies AGAINST a constitutional convention to require a federal balanced budget

HJR1001, calling for a constitutional convention to enact a federal balanced budget amendment, passed the Senate State Affairs committee this morning 5 to 3 with 1 voting member excused.

Why did SD BPI testify against the resolution?  Read our testimony and find out!

Testimony:  “As part of our non-profit, nonpartisan Read more

Instructional cost per student in South Dakota


QUESTION: IF SD TEACHER SALARIES ARE SO LOW, WHY DO NINE STATES have lower instructional costs-per-student than South Dakota? SD Class Size

ANSWER: Instructional cost-per-student is based on two factors:

1. Teacher salary and benefits.

2. Number of pupils there are per teacher.

Total instructional cost-per-student can be low if moderately paid … Read more

A federal balanced budget amendment sounds so reasonable – Why isn’t it?

A Federal Balanced Budget Amendment doesn’t make fiscal sense for South Dakota

At risk:  Federal Budget Spending is $8.2 billion in South Dakota

Fiscally responsible federal budgeting can and should be achieved through prudently balanced taxation and spending policies without a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget.  A Constitutional Amendments … Read more

Portion of SD state taxes dedicated to K-12 education drops by 25% in last 10 years

This week the South Dakota Legislature’s Apropriations Committee has been listening to seemingly comprehensive reports from the state’s Department of Education.  But something is missing:  a report about a decade’s worth of funding declines.

What wasn’t included in those Department of Education reports was an explanation about why state investment … Read more

Who Pays state and local taxes in South Dakota?

South Dakota is often touted as a low tax state.  It is, for some families.  Not so much for others.

What makes the difference?  See the latest analysis.

Family income drives the overall percentage of income paid in state and local taxes in South Dakota.

2015 ITEP ChartThe 20% of South … Read more

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