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Should SD repeal the grocery sales tax with a revenue neutral sales tax increase?

  SD HB1154 proposes lowering state sales tax on certain food items and increasing sales tax on other goods and services in a revenue-neutral exchange.

In layman’s terms this means:

  • dropping the state 4% sales tax on grocery food items (except pop and candy)
  •  increasing the state sales tax on all
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South Dakota ranks 3rd “most regressive” in state and local taxes

Who Pays?  A distributional anlaysis of tax systems in all 50 states

Like most state tax systems, South Dakota takes a much larger share from middle- and low-income families than from wealthy families. That’s according to the fourth edition of “Who Pays? A Distributional Analysis of the Tax Systems in … Read more

Income Gap Widens Between South Dakota’s Wealthiest and Poorest Families

 Low and Middle-Income South Dakotans Fall Further Behind Top Earners  

 The income gap between rich and poor widened at a faster pace in South Dakota than nearly any other state between the late 1990s and the mid-2000s, according to a new study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities … Read more

Another look at the South Dakota poverty rate

New poverty measure shows 28,000 fewer South Dakotans in poverty

The official poverty rate in South Dakota averaged 14.5% from 2009 and 2011.   

A new poverty rate released by the US Census Bureau – the Supplemental Poverty Measure – averaged 11%. 

That is a decrease of about 3.5 percentage points … Read more

Income Inequality – what the GINI index tells us about South Dakota

What does it mean when the Census Bureau announced on 9-20-12 that South Dakota’s real median household income for 2011 was $48,321 for 2011?

It means half of the household in South Dakota earned more than $48,321 and half earned less.    We also learned from the American Community Survey (ACS) … Read more

17.8% of South Dakota children live in poverty

Child poverty in South Dakota increased to 17.8% in 2011 from 17.5% in 2010.   According to Census Bureau data released 9-20-12, 34,943 South Dakota children are poor.  Poverty is defined as a household income of less than $19,090 for a family of three.   

The child poverty rates remain stubbornly higher … Read more

Two approaches to removing food tax

HB 1214 – a food tax sunset  compared to HB 1216 a food tax swap

On 2-7-12 the South Dakota House Taxation committee will look at two bills using different approaches to removing state sales tax from groceries. 

HB 1214 proposes a food sales tax sunset, using 1/2 cent decreases … Read more

Trends in sales and property tax relief programs for elderly South Dakotans

Senate Bill 194 Sales and property tax relief for elderly persons and persons with a disability.

Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to hear SB 194 Thursday morning, 2-2-12.  South Dakota has a long-standing program that provides sales and property tax relief to the elderly and disabled poor.  Program eligibility is … Read more

House Bill 1247 – decreasing tax relief for the impoverished elderly and disabled

Less than 10% of South Dakota elderly living below poverty level receive property or sales tax refunds.

South Dakota has a long-standing program that provides sales and property tax relief to the elderly and disabled poor.

However, because income eligibility is tied to a fixed dollar income (not a % … Read more

Quick Facts – HB 1131 Food Tax Swap

House Bill 1131 – a proposal to take the sales tax off groceries. 

On Thursday, 1-27-11, the House Taxation Committee heard testimony on HB 1131 – a proposal to take the sales tax off groceries and replace the revenue with an increase on other taxable items.  Following testimony, the Committee … Read more

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