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Data Driven Analysis k-12 education salary expenditures in South Dakota

How important is South Dakota’s “rank” in k-12 education salary expenditures?

Drawing conclusions from data requires a comprehensive look at more than one data point.  Here are some examples of how putting a single data point in regional context adds clarity.

SD FY12 per-student spending on instructional salaries ranked 41st

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Long term funding trends in South Dakota k-12 education

Long Term funding trends in SD k-12 EducationRead more

South Dakotans Talking – Education Funding

The public is invited to join in a non-partisan budget conversation on k-12 education funding and teacher salaries  (presentation power point)

Come and learn about k-12 education fiscal policy basics and SD teacher salaries with the focus on the facts. Then begin a consensus-building discussion with other community members. (

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Amendments to South Dakota’s 2015 General Bill

Updates 3:50 pm 3-12-14  AmendPacketSB187 from LRC LRC published amendment list with attached wording of each amendment is now available. 

Any alterations to the general appropriations bill will happen tomorrow (3-13-14) at the Joint Appropriations Committee 8:00 am hearing, when the bill will be opened for amendments.

The LRC … Read more

SD Budget & Policy Institute testifies on education funding & teacher salary trends in South Dakota

On January 22, 2014 SD Budget & Policy Institute shared its research on education funding and teacher salary trends through testimony to the SD Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee.

Testimony highlights included:

  • SD k-12 per student funding (from all sources) is 24% lower than our regional states.  Drilling down into funding
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Average teacher salaries adjusted for cost-of-living by state

Last year the average teacher salary in South Dakota was the lowest in the nation at $39,540—thirty percent lower than the national average.[i]

The SD average teacher salary was also significantly lower than neighboring states. Average teacher salaries in SD’s neighboring states are between 20% and 46% higher.

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Per-student k-12 funding in South Dakota

How much does per-student funding vary between students in South Dakota, its surrounding states and the nation?

On May 21, 2013, the US Census Bureau released the 2011 Public Education Finance Report.  Data from Table 11 of the report allows a comparison of per-student funding sources between states.  Analysis … Read more

SD Initiated Measure 15 Factsheet: 1-cent sales tax increase

If a 1 cent sales tax increase passed in South Dakota

  • How much revenue would be raised? 
  • How would the money be spent?
  • How much more would this raise per student and how does that compare to spending per k-12 student in neighboring states?
  • What would the tax increase cost
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Study reports SD school funding cuts deepest among neighboring states

Since the start of the recession, South Dakota has made the deepest cuts1 to K-12 school funding among neighboring states.  



State fiscal year 2013 investment in K-12 schools is 13.6 percent below 2008 inflation adjusted levels. That means South Dakota has made deeper state funding cuts than 32 other … Read more

Citizens should ask about consequences of Governor’s proposed FY12 budget cuts

Proposed funding cuts in education and health care could SHIFT COSTS to property tax payers and individual health care consumers

Governor Rounds proposed FY12 budget cuts 5% of the funding for k-12 education and medical provider reimbursement (payments for nursing homes, hospitals and other medical providers who treat Medicaid patients). … Read more

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