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SD Association of School Business Officials Presentation

It isn’t all glamor being a business wonk – but South Dakota is fortunate to have some great talent serving as Business Officers in our School Districts.  So a BIG thank you to these dedicated folks who keep track of all the numbers, bills and expenses (and so much more) … Read more

ASBSD/SASD 2016 Convention Presentation 8-4-2016

Materials for ASBSD/SASD 2016 Convention Workshop

How will we know if the k-12 funding changes made this past legislative session are working  (Powerpoint)

Summary of new school funding laws from DOE website


 … Read more

Legislative Candidate Budget Basics

Learning materials for Candidate Budget Basics Training Sessions provided throughout the state by SD Budget & Policy Institute

Read more

1/2 ¢ sales tax increase nets an 9.8% increase for SD k-12 education funding

Teacher Salary Funding plan passed – how much will it increase spending per student?

The legislation that funds the Blue Ribbon Task Force recommendations to raise teacher salaries has passed the legislature.

Of this tax increase, $62.4 million will provide an average of an additional $481 per student – a … Read more

HB1182 Raising Teacher Salaries – how much would taxes change for your Agricultural Operation?

Raising sales tax by 1/2 cent will raise about $107 million dollars.  And decreasing property tax will cost about $40 million dollars.  But how much will your agricultural operation pay to support the change?  You can figure that out by answering two questions.

Question 1:   What is my agricultural land … Read more

HB 1182 Raising teacher salaries – how much would taxes change for your household?

The combination of property tax savings and sales tax increases will affect each household differently.

Raising sales tax by 1/2 cent will raise about $107 million dollars.  And decreasing property tax will cost about $40 million dollars.  But how much will your household pay to support the change?  You can … Read more

What are the facts are behind low teacher salaries in South Dakota?

Check out SDBPI latest Power Point (with speaker notes to help you understand the charts):

Why SD K-12 Funding Formula Isn’t Working 9-2-15

SD Budget & Policy Institute is available to help South Dakotans understand our research findings.  We can talk by phone or arrange a visit or Webinar to … Read more

Instructional cost per student in South Dakota


QUESTION: IF SD TEACHER SALARIES ARE SO LOW, WHY DO NINE STATES have lower instructional costs-per-student than South Dakota? SD Class Size

ANSWER: Instructional cost-per-student is based on two factors:

1. Teacher salary and benefits.

2. Number of pupils there are per teacher.

Total instructional cost-per-student can be low if moderately paid … Read more

Portion of SD state taxes dedicated to K-12 education drops by 25% in last 10 years

This week the South Dakota Legislature’s Apropriations Committee has been listening to seemingly comprehensive reports from the state’s Department of Education.  But something is missing:  a report about a decade’s worth of funding declines.

What wasn’t included in those Department of Education reports was an explanation about why state investment … Read more

Powerpoint for South Dakotans Talking k-12 Education Funding

For those of you who have been asking for access to the Power Point used at the South Dakotans Talking Education Funding presentations, here it is!  SD Talking K-12 funding web posting

I’ve included access to the speaker notes to help clarify the graphic content.

Please feel free to use … Read more

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