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ASBSD/SASD 2016 Convention Presentation 8-4-2016

Materials for ASBSD/SASD 2016 Convention Workshop

How will we know if the k-12 funding changes made this past legislative session are working  (Powerpoint)

Summary of new school funding laws from DOE website


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Legislative Candidate Budget Basics

Learning materials for Candidate Budget Basics Training Sessions provided throughout the state by SD Budget & Policy Institute

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NEW Legislative Session opens January 12th

Are you ready?

If not – check out SD Budget & Policy Institute’s 2016 Budget Toolkit for a quick orientation and backgrounder on the South Dakota Legislature’s budget process.

follow us during the session @SDBudgetPolicy

or call us (605-929-1244) if you have a question






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SD BPI testifies AGAINST a constitutional convention to require a federal balanced budget

HJR1001, calling for a constitutional convention to enact a federal balanced budget amendment, passed the Senate State Affairs committee this morning 5 to 3 with 1 voting member excused.

Why did SD BPI testify against the resolution?  Read our testimony and find out!

Testimony:  “As part of our non-profit, nonpartisan Read more

A federal balanced budget amendment sounds so reasonable – Why isn’t it?

A Federal Balanced Budget Amendment doesn’t make fiscal sense for South Dakota

At risk:  Federal Budget Spending is $8.2 billion in South Dakota

Fiscally responsible federal budgeting can and should be achieved through prudently balanced taxation and spending policies without a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget.  A Constitutional Amendments … Read more

Current salary policy for South Dakota state employees

Salary Increase HistoryGovernor Daugaard announced in his FY16 budget he plans to propose changes in the state employee compensation plan.

“As a result of the market analysis developed by the Total Compensation Work Group, the Governor is recommending moving all permanent employees under his control that are not currently in career bands … Read more

Budget Basics Reference Materials

Click Budget Basics Candidate Training 2014 to access the PowerPoint presentation shared with legislative candidates.  Contact joys@SDbpi if you have additional questions. 

SD Budget & Policy Institute offered all legislative candidates the opportunity to participate in a free non-partisan training on South Dakota’s budget process and basic fiscal policy in … Read more

South Dakotans Talking – Education Funding

The public is invited to join in a non-partisan budget conversation on k-12 education funding and teacher salaries  (presentation power point)

Come and learn about k-12 education fiscal policy basics and SD teacher salaries with the focus on the facts. Then begin a consensus-building discussion with other community members. (

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SD Budget Primer

A Guide to the South Dakota budget process     Download pdf

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Amendments to South Dakota’s 2015 General Bill

Updates 3:50 pm 3-12-14  AmendPacketSB187 from LRC LRC published amendment list with attached wording of each amendment is now available. 

Any alterations to the general appropriations bill will happen tomorrow (3-13-14) at the Joint Appropriations Committee 8:00 am hearing, when the bill will be opened for amendments.

The LRC … Read more

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