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SD Association of School Business Officials Presentation

It isn’t all glamor being a business wonk – but South Dakota is fortunate to have some great talent serving as Business Officers in our School Districts.  So a BIG thank you to these dedicated folks who keep track of all the numbers, bills and expenses (and so much more) … Read more

ASBSD/SASD 2016 Convention Presentation 8-4-2016

Materials for ASBSD/SASD 2016 Convention Workshop

How will we know if the k-12 funding changes made this past legislative session are working  (Powerpoint)

Summary of new school funding laws from DOE website


 … Read more

How many people in YOUR South Dakota county need Medicaid Expansion?

New US Census data helps South Dakota counties understand just how many of their low-income residents have no health insurance.quote

A few years ago we[i] published the detailed census estimates of how many low-income uninsured residents in each SD county would be eligible if the state expanded Medicaid.

Now, … Read more

Legislative Candidate Budget Basics

Learning materials for Candidate Budget Basics Training Sessions provided throughout the state by SD Budget & Policy Institute

Read more

What is the coverage gap?

coverage gapAnswer:  The predicament of 13,000 South Dakotans whose income is too low to purchase subsidized insurance on the exchange and too high for current Medicaid coverage.


About 13,000 South Dakota residents have fallen into the coverage gap. This means their incomes are too low to qualify for tax … Read more

1/2 ¢ sales tax increase nets an 9.8% increase for SD k-12 education funding

Teacher Salary Funding plan passed – how much will it increase spending per student?

The legislation that funds the Blue Ribbon Task Force recommendations to raise teacher salaries has passed the legislature.

Of this tax increase, $62.4 million will provide an average of an additional $481 per student – a … Read more

South Dakota Medicaid Expansion decision delayed

Medicaid expansion will be addressed in special session or 2017 legislative session

Governor Daugaard announced that with only 10 days left in the 2016 legislative session he has “concluded that to urge the legislature approval of the Medical expansion decision this session would not give the legislature adequate time Read more

HB1182 Raising Teacher Salaries – how much would taxes change for your Agricultural Operation?

Raising sales tax by 1/2 cent will raise about $107 million dollars.  And decreasing property tax will cost about $40 million dollars.  But how much will your agricultural operation pay to support the change?  You can figure that out by answering two questions.

Question 1:   What is my agricultural land … Read more

HB 1182 Raising teacher salaries – how much would taxes change for your household?

The combination of property tax savings and sales tax increases will affect each household differently.

Raising sales tax by 1/2 cent will raise about $107 million dollars.  And decreasing property tax will cost about $40 million dollars.  But how much will your household pay to support the change?  You can … Read more

WHO PAYS increased SD sales taxes to raise teacher salaries?

There is broad consensus in South Dakota that teacher salaries need to be competitive to attract and retain good teachers – but who is going to pay for it? Two options have been floated thus far to fund the increase. Some in-depth fiscal analysis and charting helps clarify the difference … Read more

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