Budget Toolkit

Current Session: 2012 Legislative Session (FY2013)

Making sense of the state budget process can seem overwhelming at first. This toolkit is designed to make it easier to access and understand information about the budget process and fiscal policy options under consideration.

Start by reviewing some budget basics:



2012 Legislative Session (FY2013)  Budget timelines and calendars


Budget Hearings

Legislative Calendar



2012 Legislative Session (FY2013) SD Budget & Policy Project analysis


  1. Analysis by SD Budget & Policy Project (linked as published)

SB151 Creates a time period before voting on the general appropriation bill – Analysis

SB 194 Tax refunds for elderly people and people with a disability – Analysis

HB 1133 Establishes a legislative planning committee – Analysis

HB 1214 Food tax sunset – Analysis

HB 1216 Food tax swap – Analysis

HB 1206 Sales tax on food refund program – Analysis



 2012 Legislative Session (FY2013) Key South Dakota government budget documents and websites  

  1. Governor Daugaard’s Budget Address for Fiscal Year 2013
  2. Legislative Research Council website
  3. Fiscal Analysis and Agency Documents submitted to Joint Appropriations Committee



How to get involved in the budget process

  1. Communicating with legislators—how to contact or get information to your legislators
  2. Communicating with legisaltors—how to make your case
  3. Testifying before a legislative committee—point to remember

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