SD Budget & Policy Institute conducts independent research and educates the public and policymakers on fiscal policy options,with particular attention to the impact on South Dakotans

Researches and analyzes the social and economic impact of current or proposed state/federal spending and taxation policies on South Dakotans and the potential impact of policy alternatives.

  • Per student k-12 funding in South Dakota  6-2013[i]
  • SD county level data – uninsured eligible for health insurance under Medicaid expansion and federal exchange subsidies  5-12-2013[ii]
  • Medicaid Expansion Impact on health care for Indian country 4-2013[iii]

Publishes issue briefs and in-depth reports on important fiscal matters.

  • In 2012 SD B&PP researched and published educational materials on revenue impact, k-12 public education funding status and tax incidence analysis of South Dakota Initiated Measure 15 – a proposal to increase state general sales and use taxes for additional k-12 public education and Medicaid funding[iv]

Presents and explains research findings to the executive and legislative branches of state government and other public and private bodies upon request.

  • SD Legislative Summer study on education funding formula  (June 19, 2013 in Pierre, SD)
  • SD Governor’s Taskforce on Medicaid Expansion Challenges and Opportunities –Pierre 5-24-13, Sioux Falls 5- 13-13[v]
  • SD Indian Business Alliance Conference  April 2013  (announcement of research release)  April 2013[vi]

Disseminates accurate and timely information to the media and interested groups.

  • During each South Dakota Legislative Session, SD B&PP monitors and conducts research on budget and legislative proposals, such as SB 194 Sales and property tax relief for elderly persons and persons with a disability February 2012[vii]
  • SD B&PP disseminating this information via its website[viii] twitter  @SDBUDGETPOLICY, press releases, media interviews and public testimony or presentations.
  • It maintains an updated online Budget Toolkit[ix]  during each legislative session to assist public access to research and public participation in the legislative process. 

Works with statewide and local organizations to improve public understanding of fiscal issues.

  • In 2011 The SD B&PP collaborated with SD Extension Service to use the SD B&PP’s “South Dakota Budget Primer:  A guide to understanding  the South Dakota budget process[x] as the basis for “South Dakotans Talking”, a facilitated community dialogue process designed to educate the public about the legislative budget process and to provide for public discussion. SD Talking report[xi]

Promotes a transparent, accountable and efficient state budget process and responsible and equitable fiscal policies that benefit all South Dakotans.

Mission:  promote responsible and equitable fiscal policy through research and education

[v]link to recordings of testimony

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