About Us


The South Dakota Budget & Policy Institute promotes responsible and equitable fiscal policies through research and education.


To accomplish this mission, we conduct independent research and educate the public and policymakers on fiscal policy options with particular attention to their impact on South Dakotans.

Specifically, South Dakota Budget & Policy Institute:

  • Researches and analyzes the social and economic impact of current or proposed state/federal  spending and taxation policies on South Dakotans and the potential impact of policy alternatives.
  • Publishes issue briefs and in-depth reports on important fiscal matters.
  • Presents and explains research findings to the executive and legislative branches of government and other public and private bodies upon request.
  • Disseminates accurate and timely information to the media and interested groups.
  • Works with statewide and local organizations to improve public understanding of fiscal issues.
  • Advocates for a transparent, accountable and efficient state budget process and responsible and equitable fiscal policies.


Reliable: The information produced is factual and nonpartisan ─ users can be confident that the content is accurate.

Accessible: Work products are available to any interested parties.

Timely: Priority is given to key issues currently before state policymakers.

Insightful: The purpose of the analysis is to deepen public insight into fiscal policy issues.


The South Dakota Budget & Policy Institute is a non-partisan non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, lead by a Board of Directors comprised of  representatives from diverse South Dakota communities with various areas of expertise, points of view, and experience in public service.  Our work began in 2009 as a project of South Dakota Voices for Children with funding support from the Northwest Area Foundation.

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